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American Bank is proud to announce a new level of security for our Internet Banking Customers, which is known as Multifactor Authentication.  With the increasing use of electronic banking, it is easier than ever to obtain another person's identifying information, and perpetrate identity fraud.  The additional level of security will enable us to stay one-step ahead of potential frauds and protect your account information. 

What is Multifactor Authentication? An authentication protocol requires two independent ways to establish identity and privileges. Common requirements of two-factor authentication use "something you know", "something you have", or "something you are" A common example is your ATM debit card; the card itself is the physical "something you have" item, and the personal identification number (PIN) is the "something you know" that goes with it.  

American Bank has selected two types of multifactor authentication, PassMark and Vasco Go3 Tokens. You will continue to use your current "Access ID" and "Password" with PassMark. With the Vasco Go3 tokens, you will continue to use your current "Access ID" in conjunction with the one time password displayed by the token.

PassMark - All consumer and commercial Internet Banking customers that DO NOT use cash management products (ACH, Wire Transfer and American Connection) will use PassMark.  When you enroll in the new PassMark security system, you will select an image and pass phrase unique to you.  Whenever you log into the Internet Banking System, American Bank will identify you and you will identify American Bank by displaying the image and pass phrase that you selected. Click here for more information and instructions for enrollment.

Vasco Go3 Token - Business Internet banking customers' using Cash Management features (ACH, Wire Transfer and American Connection) will receive in the mail a small device called a "Go3 Token" along with instructions on activation.  A token is a small non-connecting device that generates one-time random passwords (OTP), which is used in conjunction with your PIN when accessing the Internet Banking System. The Go3 Token is one of the highest levels of security and will help ensure that your information is secure.

Again, whether you are using tokens, images or pass phrases along with your Access ID and passwords it all adds up to using several identifying factors to authenticate you and enables us to keep your information secure.

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